EMG has a long established and stable team with excellent credentials in the Event Management world.

Jayne Walder

Director of Sales

Jayne leads the EMG team. She is an events 'tour de force' with over 15 years working at a high level in the industry having previously worked at Coca Cola. Much of the success of EMG as a leading high end UK event company can be attributed to Jayne’s knowledge, vision, energy and passion. Outside of work Jayne has her lovely husband Adam and, two great boys to hang out with, but once they are asleep, friends, wine and cooking keep her occupied.


Melissa Thomas

Account Manager

With over 15 years experience in the events industry ranging from Sales to Finance, Melissa’s experience and passion will bring your event ideas to life. Her larger than life personality brings laughter to the office and will leave you feeling both energised and engaged. Outside of work, Melissa is a member of the local W10 ‘This Girl Can’ cricket team and enjoys spending time with her lovely family, drinking a glass of fizz or two.


Vickie Getzig

Sales and Venue Manager

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the events industry over the past 12 years, Vickie is a great attribute to the EMG team. With a passion for events and a client focused work ethic, Vickie is keen to ensure that clients get the most out of their events. Her experience in the industry means that you are always in good hands. Outside of work, following putting her two children to bed Vickie loves putting together a Bloody Mary or two and catching up with friends.


Gemma Sanders

Operations Manager

With a degree in Event Management, Gemma is our highly respected Operations Manager. Gemma's greatest attribute is her passion for details and her outstanding organisational skills. She loves a challenge and making the “impossible”, possible. With a wealth of knowledge in events and all things logistics, Gemma is a key contributor to the successful delivery of our events. Outside of work Gemma enjoys travelling and catching up with family and friends.


Gemma Hackney

Project Manager

With a vast array of management and organisational skills and with experience in both sales and operations, Gemma is a valued member of the EMG Team. A keen eye for detail, passion for events and the ability to make events come to life are just some of Gemma’s greatest attributes. Outside of work, Gemma spends much of her time keeping her three boys in check; her two children and her husband that is, as well as experimenting in the kitchen.


Richard Ward


The old man of the team, Richard has worked in the events industry for 20 years. Luckily Richard is genuinely excited by spreadsheets and he does his level best to ensure that the company operates as efficiently as possible. Richard has a business degree and an MBA. Outside of work, Richard spends far too much time on boats.


Stuart Hedges


Event Manager Extraordinaire, Stuart is one of those people who just makes things happen. Stuart went to University in Southampton but spent most of his course moonlighting to run events. Fifteen years later nothing much has changed. He is the master event 'make-it-happener'. Outside of work Stuart is teaching his two year old son to strip and rebuild motorbikes, outboard engines and motor cars.


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