So after the excitement of Christmas and New Year now a distant memory, it’s back to reality with a bump (and a slightly heavier one at that!)

Over the winter season we have been extremely busy updating our equipment and adding to our already full portfolio of teambuilding and corporate events. We are not ashamed to shout about the quality of our equipment and the investment we put in to ensure the highest standards for our clients. We truly believe our equipment is the best in the industry and can’t be beaten on quality.

It’s not just our outdoor events that have had some TLC over the last few months, our indoor and evening event options have all been updated to ensure optimum enjoyment for our clients. One such event that we are very excited about is our classic and ever popular Stocks and Shares event. If you're looking for a nail-biting challenge that demands quick thinking, nerves of steel and the odd executive gamble, then Stocks and Shares is the event for you. Provided with a cash loan in the form of ‘fun’ money, you and your team must take to the trading floor in a bid to repay the cash - with interest!

New video bulletins have been created along with up to date newspaper articles to ensure this classic event is kept up to date with the ever changing world of business. So whether you think you are a Wolf of Wall Street or the next Alan Sugar, give us a call to find our more details about this fast paced, city slicker teambuilding challenge.