One of the most common questions we’re asked by clients when organising outdoor events is “what happens if it rains?”. Number one piece of advice: don’t panic, we’ll get something sorted.

Fingers crossed the weather will be fine but living in England we all know the risks. We provide wet weather clothing for all of our outdoor events and try not to let a little rain get in the way. For water based events, we have heavy duty rain gear for all of the guests on board so that they’ll stay nice and warm and let’s face it when out on the water, rain or shine, you’re likely to get your feet a little wet! For land based activities like Country Pursuits and Motorised Mayhem we also provide a pop up shelter at each of the activity stations to ensure that guests are covered whenever possible and can carry on with their activity without a problem.

In addition to having wet weather gear on hand we do like to keep an eye on the weather (like any good boy/girl scout) and if things are looking extremely bad or unsafe close to the event we’ll suggest an alternative date.

If, in the extremely unlikely circumstances, a freak tropical storm does appear on the horizon at the last minute then never fear, there’s usually something that can be done to make sure that you have a great day all the same. As most of our water based events are run out of the Solent we can often move the start location to an alternative more sheltered place or delay the start until the bad weather passes. If the bad weather is set to last for the whole day then we’ll strive to set you up with an alternative indoor activity. Similarly with our land based events we can always delay the start, change locations or move you inside for an alternative activity.

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To sum up, here are a few final thoughts to leave you with:

  • This is England, we are famous for our grey skies, so pop on a waterproof jacket and embrace it! The likelihood is that you will have a superb day whatever the weather.
  • If you are looking to hold an event in the south or south-east then here is some good news for you – these areas are more exposed to the continental tropical air mass which brings warm dry air (and consequently most of the time, the warmest summer temperatures in the UK) – which is why our favourite mode of transport is the flip flop!
  • We usually have at minimum two or three days notice of extremely bad weather which is plenty of time to rearrange dates or organise an alternative activity.
  • In all of the years EMG has been running events we have never cancelled an event due to unsafe weather without either offering an alternative date or activity. It is our job to deal with the ‘what ifs‘!