It's the 90's, it's a Friday evening and you're on the sofa with a cup of tea (or wine depending on how your week's been). An eerily calm yet domineering voice fills the room: "Will you start the fans, please!" followed by the sound of a whistle, then, occasionally, a harmonica. Add an impeccably polished head, a tracksuit clad team of anxious looking people and a 16-foot high crystal dome and you've got yourself not only a gut full of nostalgia but one of the UK's most popular game shows; The Crystal Maze.

The nitty gritty

Now, after what has seemed like an eternity filled two-years in the making, the famed Crystal Maze is back and this time it's not just for the TV contestants. Situated in a secret location in London's King's Cross, the Crystal Maze experience is available for any and everyone to take part – if you can get tickets that is.

From a meagre (c'mon, it's the Crystal Maze!) fee of £50 you can find yourself navigating through the vines and sands of the Aztec Zone, heading to the glisten and gleam of the Futuristic Zone and eventually into the holy grail of grand finales - the Crystal Dome.

For a full 90 minutes you and your team mates can relive the fantasies of yesteryear, battling for those all-important crystals and ultimately gold tokens in the famous Dome.

With already rave reviews and a fully booked opening week, it looks like The Crystal Maze might be the best thing that's happened... well, ever.


Fill your crystal-shaped void

We've always known the glory that is the Crystal Maze, as well as other brilliant TV game shows, and that's why we created our very own take on these triumphs and produced the Crystal Challenge event.

Our bespoke Crystal Challenge activities are designed to test a team's planning, communication and patience throughout a variety of physical, cerebral and skill based tasks. Call us on 01590 670999 or email us to experience the thrill of our favourite elements from the classic shows, without the wait list and at any location throughout the UK.