Our most popular team building events from 2011. Great to see some of our superb sailing events in the top 5 as well as the quirky Da Vinci Code Quest which was a new addition to our portfolio in 2011.

10. Chocolate Apprentice

Let your employees get their hands dirty, first learning how to make artisan chocolates and then creating their own unique brand to pitch to the judges. This event gets teams thinking creatively but with a business focus.

9. Black Cab Challenge

A fast-paced Monopoly-style outdoor treasure hunt! Teams will hit the streets of London armed with an A-Z, a black cab and their own cabbie. A great event for leadership and time management.

8. RIB Treasure Hunt

A high-speed water based treasure hunt on the Solent/River Thames. Teams travel by RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) accompanied by a knowledgeable skipper as their guide. Fast paced, fun and perfect for team bonding.

Sunseeker Poker Run

7. Sunseeker Poker Run

Teams travel on Sunseeker Super Hawks while tackling five missions, with each successful mission earning them a playing card. The event ends with the teams coming together to play a high stakes game of poker. An exhilarating team building day.

6. Crime Scene Investigator

Learn how to collect and process evidence from crime scenes and then use your newly found skills to help your team solve a crime. A fascinating team building event which allows employees to think creatively in a new environment.

5. The Italian Job

A stylish treasure hunt, based on the classic film, in which teams, armed with Mini Coopers and maps, must work together to find the gold. An exciting event which gives participants the freedom to manage themselves over the course of the event.

4. Team Sailing Regatta

Company sailing days are great fun, unique and perfect for team building as without good team work a boat will simply not sail! With our team sailing regattas, employees will first be instructed on sailing techniques and then challenged to compete against each other in matched boats.

3. Da Vinci Code Quest

A unique event, loosely based on the book, which seems teams solving cryptic clues and completing scavenger hunts in order to solve a historical mystery. A very versatile event filled with quirky characters which works well with large and small numbers in a variety of locations.

Country Pursuit

2. Country Pursuit

Great for getting teams outdoors and learning new skills, Country Pursuits is a collection of classically English and quirky outdoor activities including Laser Clay Shooting, Archery, Apache Buggy Racing and Duck Herding.

Cowes Week Race Charter

1. Cowes Week Race Charter

Cowes Week is one of the world’s most prestigious sailing events. A Cowes Week Race Charter gives companies the unique opportunity to compete as a team against professional sailors.