Welcome to EMG's new and improved website. After talking to our clients to find out what they like and find useful and what they're not so keen on, we worked around the clock to make it happen. The new site has a number of new and exciting features that we're extremely proud of, here's an overview of a few of them.

EMG Events

The EMG Events Wizard

While a large proportion of our clients are extremely knowledgeable about events and know instantly which of EMG's events are suitable for their business objectives, a number do not have this specialist knowledge. It is for these clients that we have created the EMG Event Wizard. The Wizard will walk you through a series of questions, letting you know along the way which of our events meet with your requirements.

Standard Events Menu

For those of you who have a good idea of what type of event you are looking for, we have a standard events menu split into five categories:

  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Team Building
  • Incentives & Rewards
  • Evening & Themed
  • Meetings & Conferences

If the event you are looking for doesn't fit into one of these categories then please use the Event Wizard, site search function or give us a call to let us know what you are looking for.

Case Studies

A number of our clients have said that they find case studies incredibly useful as an indicator of what type of events we can put together, so we have created a dedicated case studies section. We will be adding an up to date case study to this section each month, which will also be featured in our monthly newsletter.


We always strive to create events of the highest quality that are memorable and enjoyed by all. However, don't take our word for it just have a look at our testimonials which run along the bottom of the website.


We have created a news section which will be regularly updated with what's happening at EMG and in the wider events Industry. We'll also be posting regular reviews of hotels, restaurants and venues throughout the UK. If you would like us to take a look around your premises please send an email to info@emg.co.uk with your details.

EMG's website isn't the only thing to have changed. Along with the new website we also have some new colours. EMG has moved on from the dark blue and red of old and switched to a lighter and brighter blue and pink. We're hoping that these colours are more inclusive of our ever expanding portfolio of services and better reflect the fun that lies as the heart of our events. No need to worry though – we're still the same professional company that you have worked with over the years.

Feedback, both the good and bad, is always useful so please take a look around the new website and give us a call or drop an email to let us know what you think.