We’ve got Festival season happening. Who wouldn’t want to camp out in a field and be at one with the elements? It appeals to us and if it appeals to you too, we’ve got some great outdoor events that you would be interested in.

How about our Survival event? This does what it says on the tin. You go out into the woods and do your best Ray Mears! You won’t be completely left to your own devices, you will be guided and taught top tricks to help you ‘survive’. Another event that ensures you get stuck in is The New Forest Experience. As a team you go along and work together or individually in completing the activities, but no one gets left behind. This event takes place in the middle of the beautiful New Forest; flora, fauna and scenery of the highest order. 

We also do an event called The Games. This is competitive and fun! This can of course be tailored to your location, but one we would highly recommend is the South Coast as it offers exciting elements like canoeing down the beautiful Beaulieu River. Want to read about one more outdoor event?

How about Spy School. Learn how to be a Spy! Run, crawl and jump into action with different activities that prepare you to be just like 007...but even more impressive! All these events are linked in this blog and on our website if you would like to read more about them. Alternatively, call our team in the office and talk through your ideas.