Today is the Queens birthday. No, not the Queen of England, the Queen of pop.


At EMG we all like to think we all have an inner Beyonce within us. This doesn’t necessarily mean we can sing/dance/do anything as good as her, but we do think its important to feel as if we could!

We’ve got a few events that we think could channel our inner Beyonce's.

Calender creations- The challenge is for participants to produce thirteen unique, memorable and inspirational images for a company calendar using the props provided. Get ready and strike a pose!

Ipad movie making- Your group will split into teams, each of which will have the opportunity to write, produce, direct, edit and act in their own movie. You could be the next Dream Girl or Foxxy Cleopatra!

Another one Foxxy Cleopatra would excel at would be Spy School- Evade and capture, deceive and plan your way through a selection of fiendish yet fun challenges. Engaging command tasks combine with thrilling shooting and driving trials, give you the ultimate spy experience.

DJ master class- Each team will be equipped with a set of decks, mixer and headphones to give each group the opportunity to try mixing for themselves, get some hands on experience, and really make the group collaborative vibe work. Spin the decks and try and make a chart topper.

Drumming workshop- Our drummers will cover all of the basics, getting everybody up to speed on techniques and rhythms with your group playing cohesively together. 

If you are not content with being just Beyonce you and your team could become Destiny’s child and have a go at our event called ‘Survivor’. This outdoor, active and educational team building event is filled with challenges, survival games and team working activities. At the start of the event, teams are briefed, let loose with just a map, compass, 2-way radios, challenge packs and then tasked with finding their way to base camp.