The lights are low and guests are waiting in anticipation for the conference to begin…

"Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora, ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora, tenei te tangata…" the roar of the ceremonial war dance echoes through the conference room as the Maori tribe storms the room. The tribe come to a stop at the centre of the stage and continue to perform the rhythmic posture dance in perfect synchronization.

The energy in the room is at a high, guests are alert, they’re watching, intrigued and in awe of what has just happened.. and now its their turn. The team get to their feet, barriers are being pulled down, guests are working in perfect unison with their colleagues to perfect their very own HAKA under the watchful eye of our HAKA master. Briefed with your values and objectives, the HAKA tribe can work with guests to re-enforce these values in a fun and upbeat way.

Icebreakers are perfect for breaking down barriers whilst bringing a group closer together. In a world dominated by technology the importance of face to face meetings and inter-company interaction is becoming ever more important.

If you’re stuck for an idea on how to kick start your conference or a special way to energise your team, then get in touch and find out more about our selection of icebreakers.