Creating and delivering corporate events that are out of this world is top of our priority list. In turn, it is important to keep up to date with interstellar activities of all manners, and boy has there been a lot to keep up with this month.

Tim Peake

Space Mission

First we saw UK astronaut Tim Peake embark on his six-month long Principia mission to the International Space Station. A proud moment for the UK, as Tim becomes the 7th British citizen to leave the Earth’s atmosphere- on a journey which took only 6 hours- before a successful touch down on the 400-tonne space station.

Tim Peake Space Shot

The Force Awakens

Last night we were finally put out of our misery with the much anticipated UK release of ‘The Force Awakens’; the 7th instalment of the Star Wars saga. The film has already broken records and is predicted to continue to do so globally.

Star Wars

The Rocket Launch

We’re getting in the spirit, and so can you, with our very own and recently launched (excuse the pun) Rocket Launch team building activity. With strict build regulations, teams must get to work on designing, building and successfully launching their very own rocket within the allocated time frame.

Rocket Launch

Get in touch to enquire about your Rocket Launch event for the perfect way to unleash your inner rocket scientist and join the intergalactic action.