With December just days away we are all waiting in anticipation to start opening up the doors of our advent calendars and start the official countdown to Christmas. Here in the EMG office we always opt for a chocolate advent calendar but hey don’t judge us, let’s be honest who doesn’t love an “official” excuse to enjoy a little chocolate every day.

It’s a proven fact that the smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation so why not treat your colleagues or guests to a chocolate making event.

With the help of our professional chocolatiers let EMG take you and your guests on a flavoursome journey through the world of chocolate and work collaboratively together to create, make and market their own delicious ranges which will be judged and then of course the most important part… be enjoyed at leisure.

Call us on 01590 670999 or email ask@emg.co.uk to see how we can work together to get perfect Christmas event underway.