This month we’ve seen Pancake Day, Ash Wednesday and International Women’s day. Naturally, we value the abilities of all sexes, but we have to admit to having a few more X chromosomes in the EMG office to Y, and we get suitably excited on International Women’s Day!

Adding to our existing X chromosomes is our newest team-member Olivia Barton. She’s coming into our office after working for us out in the field as an Event Manager.  Her knowledge and understanding of our events are therefore second to none and she can’t wait to share it with you. She's a force to be reckoned with.

As we’re fully embracing adding new things to our belt this month, we thought we'd continue and add more activities ready for our events. We've upgraded some of our mind puzzles to really get your mind puzzled!! Watch this space for more information..

We’ve also been out doing some site visits making sure all is ready and in tip top condition for all of you to experience throughout the year. Some of our highlights have been our New Forest Woodland locations perfect for our New Forest ExperienceSurvivor and Cycle Safari events. Ready for the warmer climate we've visited some lovely boats to use as part of our Luxury Sailing and Powerboat days. 

If we've inspired you to start thinking about your next event, get in touch with the team now for more ideas. In the meantime watch this space for more updates from EMG HQ..