"The Italian Job", a cult classic, loved and revered by all and not easily forgotten. Our homage, a team building treasure hunt on wheels, boasts a similar reputation.

Affectionately dubbed 'The Parmesan Job' by the EMG family, this event takes guests on hilarious journey through the chosen location.

Split into teams of four, each group is handed the keys to their very own Mini Cooper, before being briefed by the infamous Mr. Bridger - using a section of film shot from inside his prison cell!

Armed with their own Nexus 7 tablet with in-built GPS, a briefcase of clues and their new found knowledge, teams must take to the road on a fast paced mission of discovery.

Unearthing secrets along the way, the teams will bump into a few dubious characters, whom they will need to suss out in order to decide if they are a help or in fact, a hindrance.

One of our most popular events, The Italian Job can be designed to take place at almost any location around the UK - providing that there is somewhere to park.

Call 01590 670999 or email ask@emg.co.uk for your shot at pulling off the ultimate 'job'.