So, after 4 years, it’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new with our brand new and improved EMG website.

The World Has Changed . . .

2011 saw a lot happen; we had a Royal Wedding, Beyoncé headlined Glastonbury, and EMG launched its website but since then, the world has changed. We have two new and squishy heirs to the throne, The Pope joined Twitter and George Clooney was taken off the market.

Changes at EMG

Things have changed for EMG too; we moved offices, invested heavily in high quality equipment so that we can provide more cost effective event solutions for corporate team building and had some new additions to the team.

New EMG Events website

To reflect our new and ever improving service, we have re-designed our website. We have looked at emerging trends in web browsing and spoken to our clients about how they like to search for events and get inspiration for new ideas. We want to help to make this process as easy and painless as possible.

User Friendly

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, our new site is responsive, agile and interactive. We have worked hard to ensure that no matter where you are browsing from - be it mobile, tablet or desktop - our site remains user friendly and responsive.
With user experience our primary consideration, we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do and would love to hear your thoughts here.