Let’s not actually pinch or punch though - here we are all about being nice to each other and building and strengthening teams! We have some great events that will do exactly that. We all can't quite believe that we are eight months into the year already. This means Autumn is just around the corner and the weather will become more and more unpredictable. Rain doesn't stop play for us, but just in case you are not so keen, let’s talk outside events while we can.

For the thrill seekers we have the aptly named Motorised Mayhem event - comprised of all the motorised activities that most appeal to you. You get to choose from a range of engine fun, such as Rage Buggies, Segways, Quad Bikes and more.

If field fun is not what you are after, how about going out on to the water in one of our specialised water events. Again, the activity choice is up to you, the package created just for you. Luxury Yachts, Sailing RegattasRibs, Powerboat charters, racing and other water activities such as canoeing, paddle boarding, even jet skis - the choice is yours.

Outside events don’t all have to be highly competitive or physically demanding. We can make the event suit your requirements. The main thing is we always bring the fun- and who doesn’t like that?!

If you want an event with a more cerebral feel, how about one of our Treasure Hunts; nicely competitive and great fun. And for something totally different - Rocket launch is a great event to do. It sounds like it might not be possible to reach the moon in an afternoon, but I assure you, it can really get your inner Buzz Aldrin zooming.

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