While EMG does a huge variety of events both on and off the water, we have a special place in our hearts for sailing events. EMG was born on the water and we love to share our enthusiasm for sailing specifically as a team building event with our clients. With that in mind we thought we'd share a few wise words on the subject in a series of mini blogs.

Sailing is a natural team building activity and here are a few of the key aspects that make it such a great team building event.

Why choose sailing for your team building event?

There are several different roles to perform when sailing and if crew members do not communicate efficiently and clearly with one another when performing these roles then the boat will simply not sail.

While getting to grips with a new environment and tasks such as navigation, sail trimming and handling the yacht, crew members will naturally develop their ability in several areas which can be transferred to the work environment, including:

  • Communicating in a busy, unfamiliar & complicated environment
  • Decision making, especially under pressure
  • Leadership
  • Acting as a unit and coordinating performance
  • Self confidence

In addition to really targeting the transferable skills above a main plus point for sailing is that it is highly participatory and inclusive - leaving no one on the sidelines. With such a diversity of key roles on a boat there generally is one to suit every personality type, with those who are nervous often choosing to act as 'ballast' or steer the boat at first and then as their confidence builds taking on other roles such as working the sails. All of the roles on a boat big or small are important and impact other areas.

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