No matter how much we love an event outside, there are certain things that are forgotten because too much fun is being had. In this blog we just want to make sure we remember that we need to stay SUN SAFE.

Something we learnt at school comes to mind here; Slip, slap, slop.

Slip on a shirt, Slop on the sun cream, Slap on a hat

Our experienced Event Managers are always aware of the heat and how it can turn a good day into a bad one if we are out in it for too long and not taking precautions. The day's programme timings will always be looked at afresh on the day, taking into account the weather conditions. In extreme heat, Event Managers will schedule as many breaks as they deem fit - to cool down and rehydrate - ensuring sufficient water is on hand at all times. When on an outside event, out on the field the sun can be brutal, so our Event Managers will try and set up the field making using of any shade available and creating shade by erecting marquees.

The same sun-awareness is applied to our events on the water - we might not be able to create shade by putting up marquees, but we will most certainly remind you to "slop on the sun cream"! It is very easy to catch the sun on the water, with the lovely sea breeze cooling you down and lulling you into a false sense of security.

Top tips for hot event days to prevent sun burn and sun stroke - bring the sun cream, find yourself a funky hat, pick up a pair of cool shades and, last but not least, bring that refillable water bottle, saving the planet and yourself!