Day 84 of our new way of life and things are starting to change for the better. A lot of our clients are starting to ask what events we are able to offer with the current 6 people rule and 2 metre social distancing rules. Hopefully, in time, these restrictions will be lifted however, as they are currently, we are still able to offer a range of outdoor events for you and your teams. Have a look below at what’s on offer as we move forward:

Country Pursuits

What better way to bring a team back together than in the great outdoors, trying your hand at something new. As long as we have the space available we can offer anything from Duck Herding, Segways, Laser Clays and even Human Table Football!

Rib Treasure Hunt

Get out onto the open seas and take in the beautiful sights of The Solent from our own private boat. Teams of 4 will have their own Rib with driver and will take part in an on water and on shore treasure hunt using our custom built GPS software on our iPad minis.

The Crystal Challenge

Perfect for any group size, catering for a mix of abilities, our Crystal Challenge incorporates both mental and physical activities that can all be completed at a social distance of 2 metres or more!

The Perfect Teambuild

Taking a mix of both our Crystal Challenges and Country Pursuits, the Perfect Teambuild does what it says on the tin. There is always something for everyone in this great teambuilding event.

Outdoor CSI

If police dramas are your thing, then our CSI event is for you. Kitted out in forensic suits, your teams will need to explore the evidence, interview suspects and work together to assess the crime scene and ultimately work out who the murdered is.

As the restrictions are lifted we will aim to add more and more events to this list, however in the meantime, if any of the above are of interest, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Please rest assure that your health and safety on our events is paramount to us. Our main goal is to keep you safe throughout the event, whilst ensuring an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Give us a call to see how we can get your team back together and motivated for the rest of the year ahead of us.