April is one of our favourite months. You wave Goodbye to the stormy, rainy weather and nod Hello to baby animals, flowers, snippets of sunshine, a few April showers and greener pastures.

Another reason we love April is that for a day (maybe a week) (maybe the month) you can absolutely, inexplicably eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no one can say a thing! YUMMAYUMMA

We see many days of celebration in April- Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Passover, St Georges Day and a magical bunny that hops around delivering treats for many to enjoy. No matter what you end up doing we think we can all appreciate chocolate. We’re very lucky as we have two trained Chocolatiers in our office. To us, it makes sense to book onto one of our brilliant truffle making days while we’re thinking about it. They’re fun, inclusive and TASTY.

If Chocolate isn’t your bag or you’ve just had enough of the stuff, we’ve got many more options. To get you outside and get some fresh air why you don’t try… Rocket Launch, Psyclone 17, Perfect Team Build, or Cycle Safari

Alternatively, you might not want to embrace the elements just yet, if so, we’ve got plenty of indoor events for you to book too! Maybe a Formula One Challenge, Ipad Movie Making, or Stocks and Shares.

If we've given you the motivation to start thinking about your next event, get in touch with the team now for more ideas. We're here ready to help!