It's November, which means that employees across the country are putting their heads together to come up with ideas for their Christmas outings. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to throw a few ideas on the table for those of you who would like to do something a little different from the traditional Christmas lunch or dinner. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with a tasty turkey dinner, in fact we're big fans of turkey and mince pies, but sometimes it's nice to start the day off with something out of the ordinary. All of the following activities are great way to reward staff for a year of hard work and provide you with something exciting to talk about over cranberry sauce.

Christmas Country Pursuits

Christmas Country Pursuits?

Choose from Clay Pigeon Shooting, Laser Clay Shooting, Archery, Falconry, Duck Herding, Ferret Racing and more. Activities can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, are suitable for all fitness levels, don't require any experience, can be organised at a wide variety of venues throughout the UK and are ultimately great fun! The activities can be as competitive as you like and can be run so that they are purely for entertainment or as a team building exercise. Follow with a spicy glass of mulled wine or a mug of hot apple cider for the perfect festive pre meal event!


Christmas Treasure Hunt

If you want your attendees to earn their Christmas meal, then we would suggest a Christmas Treasure Hunt. Our treasure hunts can be held indoors or outdoors, tailored to any location and so that they are themed around your company, making the day informative as well as fun. This is also a great activity if you want to incorporate an element of team building into your Christmas event.

Christmas Wine Tasting

Christmas Wine Tasting

Suitable either as a pre or post meal activity, wine tastings are perfect at this time of year. An added touch of festive cheer can be added by having a port, sherry or even mince pie tasting rather than a traditional wine tasting!

The Christmas Box

Another activity that is great for adding a touch of team building to your event is the Christmas Box. Teams are each presented with a table top box or present, filled with festive themed activities that they must complete within a certain time. Suitable for most venues throughout the UK this will get teams laughing and leave them with plenty to talk about over lunch.

The Christmas Murder Mystery

Spice up your Christmas meal with a spot of murder! Murder mysteries can be a quiet affair or as lavish as you like and are flexible in terms of how much involvement your guests have as characters. The murder mystery unfolds as your meal progresses, adding an exciting and unusual element to your meal.

This is just a selection of activities that we would suggest for a bit of festive fun, for more ideas just get in touch!