Suddenly it becomes a lot harder to focus on work as the office becomes quieter, the streets become busier and the need to be outside becomes stronger. We get it. We feel it and we're with you.

Something that could take work out of the office into the sunny outdoors is booking an event. Make your work colleagues into work friends, see each other in different environments, get to know and appreciate each other for who you all are in and outside of work, and break up the days a bit! It’s a great time to organise, or for us to organise, some fun filled days. Get people out of the same old work environment and get them outside and having fun with each other.

We have many different events, for the physically active and for those who like to watch other people do the running. Events just for the workforce, but also ones that will include the families, with face painting, bouncy castles, music, food, drink and even a coconut shy. A Crystal Challenge with cerebral and physical activities, a Country Pursuits with duck herding, archery and other exciting outdoor activities - even motorised fun! The physical extreme - a Knock-Out - with inflatables galore and the option to double your scores using the Joker!  You name it - we say it's possible. 

This is one way to get everyone out the office and smiling. The events are bespoke to you and your requirements, everything is possible - we can bring it all!