Before writing our monthly blogs we always check if we have any special national or international days coming up - we don't want to miss an opportunity to celebrate! This month we have a few: 6th July International Kissing Day, 7th National Chocolate Day and, our personal favourite, National Take Your House Plant for a Walk Day on the 27th. Why not? 

Another rather special one is the International Day of Friendship on the 30th. Which we love. Booking an event for work is such a great experience and beneficial to the working environment. We spend more time with the people we work with than with any other people we know. So surely we should invest in getting the most out of that connection, in creating friendships as well as work-ties?

How about celebrating National Chocolate Day in style, by booking onto a Chocolate Making workshop? Create your own luxurious ganache, flavoured by you to your exact liking, fill the exquisitely thin Belgium chocolate shell with your creation and cover it in chocolate, tempered expertly by you.

National Take Your House Plant for a Walk Day has to be celebrated - it simply can't be missed.  Why not book onto one of our floristry events and enjoy fussing with foliage. Be taught about the art of floristry and some tricks of the trade. You will always come away with a lovely display - to give to a friend on Friendship Day.