The ultimate in collective team building, our fast and furious indoor team building event Together We Can brings together co-workers from any and all backgrounds and departments.

Working together towards one collective end goal, Together We Can will see guests take on not one but four Challenge Zones; made up of some of our most popular events including iPad Movie Making and The Bigger Picture.

Split into their four sub-groups, each zone requires the input of all members in order to complete their section of the task, before moving on to the next zone.

Not only does collaboration play a vital role in this challenge, but communication comes into play too, as before moving to the next zone, each sub-group must brief the next on the task ahead. With various restrictions in place for the information handover, ensuring that sub-groups are communicating efficiently is crucial in getting the brief right and avoiding the dreaded 'Chinese Whispers' effect.

Combining both physical and mental challenges, there is something for everyone in this unique and challenging team building event which culminates with the groups coming together to see their hard work unveiled.

If you think Together We Can could work for your next event, give us a call on 01590 670999 or email