As the season of winter approaches one the many concerns our clients have is the weather, so we have put together a list of our top 5 “whatever the weather” events


  1. CSI Crime Scene Investigation- Guests are challenged with using new found skills to collect and process evidence in order to solve the crime in hand


  1. The Bigger Picture- Your team will need to work collaboratively in this event and communication is key to focus on the “Bigger picture” rather than individual performance


  1. Formula One Challenge - The F1 session might be drawing to a close but this event gives your team opportunity to work together in a fast paced and creative event


  1. The Italian Job- This is a face paced tablet treasure hunt that will get your team out and about in their very own Team Mini Coopers


  1. Country Pursuits – This is the one most people worry about but there is no need! Why not wrap up and get your team out of the office in into the fresh air, you could always warm them up between activities with a hot toddy!


Come rain or shine call our EMG team on 015900 670999 or emails us at to find your perfect event whatever the weather