With Winter fast approaching, yes we can’t believe we’ve mentioned the ‘W’ word either, we get asked lots of questions about our outdoor events.

One of the most common questions is can we still do an outdoor event? Of course! We love the great outdoors and never let the elements get in our way.

We always advise guests to wear sensible outdoor shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather conditions at the time of your event. We recommend thin layered clothing, as opposed to one or two thick ones. It’s always easier to cool down than try and get warm when you’re cold!

A hot drinks station is always good to help keep guests hydrated and warm throughout the event. We can work with you and your chosen venue to put this in place.

Living in England we all know the risks when hosting an outdoor event however we will work with you to make your experience as fun and comfortable as possible.

Ready to book your event yet? Great, contact the team on ask@emg.co.uk and we’ll be able to help find the right event for you.