The Black Cab Challenge is a hilarious and interactive team building treasure hunt on wheels!

This challenge is designed to test a team's planning, delegation, communication and time management skills. A frantic drive through London will see teams, along with their authentic cockney cabbie and iPad Mini's loaded with ingenious software, solve cryptic clues, complete scavenger hunts and get up to all sorts with our bonus photo challenges.

This event may start and finish at almost any London-based location and be adapted to your requirements in terms of content, timings and numbers.

The tablets feature a live scoreboard and also a map showing where each of the other competing teams is located in real time. This is guaranteed to generate a frenzy of competitive spirit! This event is a simple concept that proves enduringly successful.

If black cabs don't appeal, then you may be interested in our foot based Great London Treasure Hunt using the same super clever tablet software.

Your Black Cab Team Building Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • iPad Mini with in-built GPS and software for each team
  • Black Cab and cabbie for each team
  • Event Manager
  • Manned Waypoints
  • Prizes for the winning team

Additional event considerations: