Creativity and collaboration combine in this tasty team building treat.

With the help of our professional Chocolatier, participants will be schooled in the art of creating delicious artisan chocolates. Armed with their new found knowledge, teams will be challenged to design, make and market their own ranges.

Our experienced Chocolatier will demonstrate some of the key techniques involved, including tempering the chocolate. Once guests understand the basics, they will be split into small teams and get to work. A range of decorations, ingredients and flavours as well as sophisticated packaging are also provided.

Allow EMG to take you on a decadent journey through the world of chocolate, from its regal beginnings to present day gourmet offerings.

At the end of the session each team's effort will be judged and the winners announced, after which they are free to enjoy their chocolates at leisure!

Chocolate making is a collaborative endeavour inspiring great team work and enjoyed equally by the boys and the girls. Another great collaborative and creative event is The Bigger Picture; equal amounts of mess but paint rather than chocolate!

Your Chocolate Making Team Building Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Experienced Chocolatier
  • Top quality Belgium couverture
  • Ingredients and toppings
  • Creative and packaging materials
  • Cooking apron per person
  • Chef hat per person

Additional event considerations: