This event brings elements of our hugely popular Crystal Challenge event indoors.

Just like our outdoor version, this event is inspired by the 90s TV show “The Crystal Maze” and its 2017 revival. Teamwork is the absolute key if you want to win in this event…

All activities require the teams to think outside the box in order to complete the tasks. The challenges are designed to stretch your mind rather than your muscle; technique will be far more important than strength. As the teams rotate around the mix of spatial and cerebral challenges they’ll earn crystals, with special effort and innovative solutions especially rewarded.

Will you be flummoxed by our Plexus Puzzles? Can your team overcome the engineering challenge in Brunel? In Photo Mission you need to locate and recreate an obscure scene – using Polaroid cameras. Test your team’s communication and listening skills in Microdot. Will Cube Conundrum be a quandary too far? Many more teasing trials await!

The activities in the Crystal Challenge are intended to energise and enthuse your guests, rather than overexert them. As with all our events, every activity is “participation by choice”, but you’ll find that all present will not want to miss a thing and will choose to participate!

Our specialist equipment has been custom built, having been perfected over the 25 + years of running this event. Perfect for winter teambuilding, this day can be run from a hotel, conference facility or even your offices – we can help you find your perfect venue.

Your Indoor Crystal Challenge Event Includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Experienced instructors
  • All activity equipment
  • Medals for the winning team

Additional event considerations: