A Crime Scene Investigation team building event based on the TV programme CSI. Welcome to the scientific side of team building!

Become a Crime Scene Investigation team for the day and learn to collect and process evidence using professional techniques and equipment, led by your very own investigator.

Guests will be split into forensic teams and introduced to basic forensic evidence, educated in professional techniques and procedures, as well as taught how to 'read' a crime scene by our lead investigators. The teams will use their new found skills which include fingerprinting, ballistics testing, fibre identification, chromatography, forensic dentistry and blood splatter analysis in order to solve a heinous crime. 

Crime Scene Investigation is one of the most mentally challenging, yet engaging events we offer. Over the course of the day you will see participants' attention to detail, team working, communication, leadership and problem solving skills put to the test, in order the solve the crime!

Available as an indoor event at venues all over the UK, and works equally well for either a full or half day.

Guests who will enjoy this event may also be tempted by the Art Heist. There will be less blood but great teamwork skills are still required.

Your CSI Team Building Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Simulated crime scene
  • Investigation pack
  • Crime scene evidence
  • Processing equipment
  • Gloves, coveralls and shoe protectors per person
  • Professional instruction
  • Prizes for the winning team

Additional event considerations: