Literally 'dash' from challenge to challenge to gain as many points as possible before the time runs out.

Dash centres around a host of quick mental, physical and skill based team building activities which are split into three zones; ‘Think’, ‘Physical’ and ‘Quick Points’. Each zone hosts a different amount of points, reflecting their level of difficulty.

Each team will be provided with a GPS enabled tablet loaded with a zone challenge guide, detailing each of the challenges along with the number of points they are worth. Designed to energise and engage guests, the range of challenges to choose from means there’s something for everyone.

On the starting whistle, team captains must lead their teams to their first challenge and work together to successfully complete the task. But they must be quick, as there’s only one of each activity, or is planning the key and coming up with a strategy the best game plan? The choice is up to the teams.

On completion of the challenge teams must get the thumbs up by one of their instructor to receive the points. With no time limit for each activity, tasks are over when either completed or the team decide they cannot complete it.

Dash is fast, frantic and great fun. With a huge variety of activities available it can be tailored to challenge different skills such as team work, thinking outside of the box and communication, depending on the requirements of the group.

For equally amusing and quirky challenges with less dash then consider The Ultimate Challenge.

The Dash Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Event host
  • Zone adjudicators
  • GPS enabled tablet with challenge guide per team 
  • Three challenge zones
  • Selection of challenges
  • Equipment for each challenge
  • Fun prizes for the winning team

Useful event info: