Icebreakers serve as the ultimate addition to any meeting, conference or event

As the name suggests, Icebreakers break down barriers and get everyone enthused and talking together. Our Icebreakers encourage complete participation and act as a fantastic leveller. Perfect for a group meeting for the first time, or to shake out any pre-conference cobwebs – an Icebreaker will go down a storm, whatever the event.

Choose from four options:


This electrifying energiser turns your group into a boombastic Boomwhacking orchestra.

Boomwhackers are colour coded, hollow, plastic tubes which create a musical note when struck by hand or another tube. Everyone in your group will be issued with their “instrument” and under your Rhythm Master’s guidance you will layer notes, beats and rhythms to create a sea of sound and colour, with everyone working together in perfect harmony.

 Clappity Clap

A similar format to Boomwhackers, but the “instruments” this time are your hands. The instruments are carefully colour coded through means of our high-tech, patented Clappity Clap! Gloves (Marigolds).

Each colour of glove forms a ‘clapping department’, and your Rhythm Master creates a united percussion orchestra from your group. You’ll be amazed at the teambuilding potential of a simple pair of rubber gloves!

The Haka

Picture the scene; your delegates are chatting before the conference starts, when suddenly our Maori tribesmen charge into the room! They begin to perform a Haka at full volume, filling the venue with their voices…

Once they have finished and your group has settled down, it’s your turn. With optional Maori face paint and some guidance from our Maori experts, you’ll perform your very own Haka, energising the whole group!


This energiser will have you all marching to the beat of the drum! Simple, yet amazingly effective, the drum is a brilliant icebreaker. The Conductor will have your group making epic beats within minutes with no previous musical talent required.

The power of beating drums will instantly enthuse your delegation, coupled with the collaborative effect of producing an awesome sound with no practice. Drumming is immediate, Rhythm is unstoppable, Drums unite everyone!

Your Icebreaker Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Experienced instructors
  • Event Staff (where required)
  • All activity equipment
  • Medals for the winning team (if required)

Additional event considerations: