Mental flexibility and agility, intelligent improvising workshop!

No script, no plan; just audience suggestions and experienced performers who trust each other – Improvisation Theatre.  It is fast, often funny and always original.

The experience the actors rely on is rooted in basic principles that benefit anyone, in any walk of life, in any business. Creativity, flexibility, adaptability, problem solving, listening, communication – the list is endless. The good news is that all these concepts, all these attributes, can be developed and trained, and all contribute to good interpersonal and personal skills.  All qualities required in a good improviser are equally desirable in anyone in a business environment. The ability to interact effectively and harmoniously, as well as being free-thinking, adaptable and resilient, benefits a company as a whole.

Improvisation is a wonderful vehicle for leadership development (self-leadership and leadership of others) and as well as public speaking skills improvement, assists in confidence building, and improvement of listening and observation skills.

The ultimate key to success with improvisation workshops is breaking down barriers and enabling participants to think freely and comfortably. The workshop provides a safe and fun environment to allow you and your team to free your mind from set thinking patterns and allow creativity to flow freely. No one gets asked to “perform”, no one does anything on their own – it is a team effort. It is about support and being aware of each other.

Through a variety of improvisation exercises and concepts, you and your team will discover exactly how much fun can be had, where goals are achieved, as a cohesive, aware and supportive ensemble.

Your Introduction to Improvisation Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event manager
  • Experienced improvisation facilitator
  • All material required

Additional event considerations: