An EMG Murder Mystery event is an intense blend of intrigue and action, perfect for team building, corporate entertainment or just a bit of fun!

With just one evening to solve the murder, guests will need all of their powers of deduction to unmask the culprit. A typical Murder Mystery team event is ideally complimented by a meal at your chosen venue - we offer free venue finding if you would like our assistance.

Our Detective will be the Senior Investigating Officer but he will need the assistance of guests to help solve the crime. Being rather fond of his food, our detective usually gathers his information and guides his team of amateur sleuths between courses.

Prior to the event, each guest will be given a character profile detailing who they are for the evening and their background. As the drama unfolds, further evidence will be given to the guests, along with instructions. It is then up to the guests to retrieve information from their fellow guests – asking the right question to the right person can be the key to success, but beware of being deceived!

You can ask any question of any suspect and, under the interrogation rules, they must tell the truth as they see it. Only the murderer may lie if they choose. Once the interrogations (and courses!) are over and all the answer forms are completed, we will reveal the culprit in true Hercule Poirot style and explain it all.

EMG can of course supply the murderer and the victim if you would like actors to add to the drama. On the other hand, how often do you get the chance to kill your boss?

Your Murder Mystery Team Building Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • 'Lead Investigator' for the event
  • All required props and theming
  • Tailored script for the evening
  • Prizes for the winning guest

Additional event considerations: