Murder and mystery, intrigue and action, deduction and sleuthing; the perfect teambuilding addition to any corporate dinner or lunch.

Your unsuspecting guests think they’re in for a normal meal, little do they know what’s about to happen. During pre-dinner drinks our likely suspects will mingle with your group before suddenly; a chilling scream is heard and a body is discovered!

Our Detective arrives to pronounce the victim dead, declares that you are all witnesses and the murderer is still in the room… And he needs your help to cross examine the suspects.

The suspects (our experienced actors) will join you in between courses to give their version of events in the case. The Detective will share any clues and evidence uncovered during the initial investigation for you to peruse.

Everybody has a motive, anyone could have done it – do they have a genuine alibi? Only the murderer is allowed to tell lies – will you work out who it is..? You haven’t got long!

With just one evening to solve the murder, guests will need all of their powers of deduction to unmask the culprit. A typical Murder Mystery team event is ideally complimented by a meal at your chosen venue - we offer free venue finding if you would like our assistance.

This event is tongue in cheek in style and aims to get your guests laughing together as well as working together. Whilst the onus is on amusement there are many teambuilding benefits to the interactions they’ll have as a team while working together.

You can choose from several superb scripts, different settings and variations on the Murder Mystery. All will provide you with an exciting evening/afternoon of laughter and sleuthing, trying to figure out “whodunnit”!

Your Murder Mystery Team Building Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • 'Lead Investigator' for the event
  •  Professional actors 'suspects'
  • All required props and theming
  • Tailored script for the evening
  • Fun prize for the winning team

Additional event considerations: