More than just a Treasure Hunt... this event incorporates cryptic challenges and tasks designed to put your team through their paces. 

In a seemingly normal meeting, just as ‘death by PowerPoint’ is setting in, your presentation is cut short as our elite hacker takes control. A sophisticated virus, named ‘Psyclone 17’, capable of wiping out any file it comes across has been uploaded to your company’s database.

Our Hacker informs your group that the virus is set to go live at the stroke of midnight, however there’s a twist… your group is presented with the opportunity to save the company database if you’re willing to test your worth in a ‘game’ they have devised.

Armed with our GPS enabled tablets and bespoke software, teams must locate the hidden waypoints against the clock and unlock the challenges set by the hacker. The aim is simple, complete the challenge in time and save the company’s database from destruction! The clock is ticking…

The Event Format

This event works perfectly as an ‘energiser’ to reward your team during planned meetings and can be run from almost any location in the UK, including your offices.

After the ‘hacking’, each team will be issued with an iPad whilst our on-site event manager briefs teams on how they work with the ‘game’ software and then the competition begins. Using the GPS based map, teams will have to navigate themselves around each hotspot where they will encounter one of the Hacker’s devilish challenges.

Live scoreboards add that extra flare of competition to the event. Watch your points stack up as you complete challenges correctly, do it wrong and despair as opposing teams overtake you!

Your Psyclone 17 Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Treasure Hunt Host
  • iPad Mini with in-built GPS
  • Bespoke treasure hunt software
  • Manned waypoints
  • Fun prizes for the winning team

Useful event info: