Ray Mears and Bear Grylls eat your heart out! Can your team prevail in this outdoor challenge style team building event?

This outdoor, active and educational team building event is filled with challenges, survival games and team working activities. At the start of the event, teams are briefed, let loose with just a map, compass, 2 way radios, challenge packs and then tasked with finding their way to base camp. Along the way they will face checkpoint challenges based around the five basic survival skills (fire, shelter, food/water, signalling and first aid). There are strict penalties for late arrival.

Once at base camp, experts will instruct the teams on a host of survival techniques including purifying water, starting fires, making shelters, foraging for food and how best to work as a team in order to survive in the wilderness.

We run this event as a single day or a day and night event. The overnight stay works really well and makes sense of the skills that have been learnt during the day. Shepherd's huts are available as an alternative to tents. Do expect to cook your own meal over the fire that you have built but the good news is that we provide most of the food to cook and there are no insects involved.

This event will be challenging and great fun but it is not a selection exercise for the Special Forces. It designed and run to appeal to an inclusive audience. Please talk to us for more information.

The location and content of this event is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to your location, group and business objectives.

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Your Survivor Outdoor Team Building Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Survival activities and instructors
  • Survivor challenge packs
  • Catering
  • Loan of waterproof clothing
  • Prizes for the winning team

Additional event considerations: