Hired or Fired – have you got what it takes?!

Taking inspiration from the hit BBC show ‘The Apprentice’, our ‘Rookie’ is a unique twist on the traditional treasure hunt.

You and your team will be presented with a bespoke list of location specific items and tasked to barter and negotiate, collect and create.  To add to the challenge, your spending money isn’t yours – it is a budget set by Lord or Lady Sweetener, and on your return, you will have to answer to the Board and justify your purchases - will they outshine the opposition’s, will you be hired?

The items are varied – from straight forward acquisition products to complicated “create and produce” tasks and ambiguous items for you and your team to interpret and devise. Your budget is finite, but so is your time. Before you go out, you will have to sit down and plan, organise and prioritise. You will have to reach agreement on everything from strategy, route and expenditure – will you go for quality or quantity?

After gathering all your items, including those all-important receipts to prove you stuck to your budget, The Board will scrutinise each and every one of them to ensure they fit their requirements. The Board is sometimes open to persuasion, so bring your best marketing skills!

Lord Sweetener will rank the teams based on quality of items procured and budget used.  The top two teams will then be expected to present to the room, as Lord Sweetener calls on the other teams’ assistance to decide who is Hired or Fired!

This event is totally bespoke - once you’ve chosen a venue, we research the area and local shops to draw up a unique procurement list of items for you to find and buy. If your venue is in London, you even have the option of including a private Black Cab and driver for each team, widening the search area and the excitement!

Your Rookie Hired or Fired Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Lord/Lady Sweetener
  • Bespoke list of procurement items
  • Team spending money/budget
  • Medals for the winning team

Additional event considerations: