A fast and furious indoor corporate event filled with variety and mental challenges.

This is an exceptional corporate event that combines four popular team building activities. We split the group into four and each team starts on a different activity, swapping as they progress. But...there is a twist.

Zone 1 is our iPad Movie Make. Each team will be issued with a flight case containing an iPad, boom microphone, lighting unit, mounting unit and tripod. With access to our extensive wardrobe trunks, we are looking for a fun and creative movie. Our technicians will help edit and produce the film.

Zone 2 is our Rollercoaster Challenge. You will be stunned at how extensive the structures will be. We have witnessed some truly incredible rollercoasters. This really is an extraordinary collaborative endeavour that will fill the conference room.

Zone 3 is our Bigger Picture challenge. When guests enter the room covered in polythene whilst dressed in protective suits, they will be forgiven for thinking a mafia hit is about to take place. All will become clear with the issue of canvases and paints to produce a giant artwork made up of small parts.

Zone 4 is our LEGO Challenge. We use those nifty little plastic bricks on a large scale to create some really fun models. Outstanding renditions of company logos are an evergreen favourite. One group even created a model of the Olympic stadium!

When time is up and the horn sounds, half of each team will move onto the next zone, whilst the other half stay to impart their knowledge to half of the next team. Sound relatively simple? Don't be fooled, the information handover isn't simple - there are various restrictions in place such as words that each team are not able to use, creating a 'Chinese Whispers' effect.

This process continues until every team has visited each of the zones. All of the teams then come together for the grand finale when all of their hard work is unveiled.

The event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Four activity zones
  • Experienced instructor for each activity
  • All equipment required for the activities

Additional event considerations: