Put your senses to the test with our Whisky Masterclass!

Whisky, and most notably single malt, is widely enjoyed around the globe and has a fascinating background that is steeped in history. Despite this, many people, even the most ardent Whisky lovers, know very little about distilling malt Whisky. With this in mind EMG, is proud to offer the opportunity to learn from our experienced Whisky Sommelier, as well as tasting a stunning variety of Whiskies!

Our Whisky expert will entertain and educate you about the origins of the world's most historic drink, how it is made and what makes Scotch distinctly different from Irish Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskies. You will be taken on an olfactory adventure and delve into the myriad of aromas to be found in Whisky. Guests will schooled in the art of tasting an exemplary range of whiskies, including specially aged single malts as well as deluxe blends to showcase the dark art of the Master Distiller.

After this initial education, the guests will be challenged to a 'Call My Bluff' competition, to see if the guests, armed with their new found Whisky knowledge will be able to tell who is telling the truth, and who is bluffing. High-spirited, unadulterated fun, this event is a great pre or post dinner activity, or a twist on an evening team building.

This is a superb event, which will leave even the most learned of Whisky drinkers with greater appreciation and understanding of this historic drink.

We also run a Wine Masterclass.

Your Whisky Masterclass Includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Professional Sommelier
  • Two hour Whisky tasting
  • Professional ISO tasting glasses
  • Un-aged pure spirit
  • Bespoke tasting cards
  • Whisky prizes for the winning individual

Additional event considerations: