Our Wine Masterclass is the perfect corporate event for guests to taste, learn about and appreciate a whole gamut of wine styles from sparkling to dessert wine.

To start the event the guests will have the Champagne vs Fizz Challenge, learning the systematic approach to tasting wine and how to 'Sniff and Spit' before the serious competition begins.

Next, our tutor will help guests fine tune their senses and their 'sniffability' will be challenged. Through exciting taste comparisons, the guests will learn to recognise the difference between French oak and American oak, a young or a mature wine, cool climate vs warm, one grape from another and so much more.

Suitable for those with a little or a lot of wine knowledge, our wine tutors come with a wealth of Sommelier experience, guaranteeing that all of your guests will leave with a better understanding and appreciation of wine. Perfect as a pre or post dinner event.

If you fancy an altogether different olfactory challenge then how about our Whisky Masterclass.

Your Wine Masterclass Event includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Professional Sommelier
  • A vast selection of fine wines to sample
  • Crystal ISO tasting glasses
  • A variety of challenges
  • A bottle of fine wine for the winner

Additional event considerations: