An event to encourage a healthy mind, body and soul…

Yoga needs little introduction, the benefits are well known both to mental and physical well-being. What many have not realised, is that it’s a great tool for business - not only is it hugely beneficial in the long term, but instantly improves mood and concentration.

Our Yoga & Meditation Workshop gives an introduction to the concept of Hatha Yoga, which brings peace to the mind and body – through asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing). The pace is slow and relaxed, to ease beginners into the process. However, as yoga is about how much effort you put into each pose, it challenges each individual as much as they wish – so the experienced benefit as much as the beginners.

Suitable for all shapes and sizes, abilities and fitness levels - our instructors use poses appropriate for a broad ability and work with each individual to ensure they can maximise their potential. We encourage all to participate but are of course sensitive to guests not wishing to engage. The workshop is non-judgemental and inclusive, to enhance engagement and the outcome.

This event works brilliantly before or after meetings, or as a mindful interlude in a conference, and is guaranteed to increase engagement. The workshop works best as an hour session. Depending on requirements the workshop can be for hundreds of guests at once, with many instructors, or as part of a rotation – either around meetings or one of our other events.

Your Yoga and Meditation Event Includes:

  • Insurance
  • Pre and on-site event management
  • Professional instruction
  • Background music
  • Yoga mat per person

Additional event considerations: